Wine flowed in ashtrays,
Mea Culpa we cried,
Till the Balkan mob,
Took us for a ride.

He was stripped by force,
60 miles per hour,
Out the window thrown,
Fuck That Bird!

Broken glass on the floor,
Blood was everywhere,
Wrong guy punched in the face,
Fisherman was there.

She had a white small cat,
But her feet were bare,
Was she real or not?
Was too drunk to care.

Jack n’ Coke,
- I know that glow.
Pass the smoke,
- And here we go.
Tonight is the night! Hey ho!

Vodka shots,
- Three in a row.
Hell, why not!
- The fact is no good story ever starts with drinking tea!

All night long!
One more song!
Legends of tomorrow!

All night long!
Same old song!
Tomorrow and tomorrow!

Another beer,
Last call is near,
Move up a gear,
There’s still time for some more!

No time for bed,
Sleep when I’m dead,
Sky’s turning red,
The sun’s rising again!