You came at last, and your timing was impeccable your 
role had not been cast
And you fit the mold you were perfect in most every way 
a subject to behold
Now the news had broken through, and all of those 
stories grew
We wondered if you're capable of all they say you do...

Early photos by assortment, all of this made you 
We were given something new
Fantasies we're bound by wire, fiction told by your 
Story holes we fell into, but it's too late
Cause we're obsessed with you

You came at last, you gave a face to all the media that 
left us quite aghast
And you filled a void, and your musings filled the 
broadcast air for all to be enjoyed
Soon we all were moving on
One last look and you were gone
Your future may hold many things, but all of us we're 
through with you

You came at last, and before you had a chance to speak 
your time already passed
Bottom line appease the sponsors take a hold and sell 
the monster
Innocence we hardly knew
Stories to add fuel to fires, in the end they'll call 
you liar
But the truth is we're all glad for you