See I told y'all, ima get me somebody dog
You know how we do it tru it's for ever
Yeah yeah
All my ladies yo,
All my niggas yo,
Where da niggaz at? (where? )
Where da bitchez at? (where? )
We won't all y'all niggas to
(chorus x1)
Bounce with this bounce with this (southside)
Bounce with that bounce with that (northside)
Bounce with this bounce with this (eastside)
Bounce with that bounce with that (westside)
Slide with this slide with this (my real niggas)
Ride with this ride with this (my real bitchez)
Pump ya fists pump ya fists (all my niggas)
Jump with this jump with this (all my bitchez)
(silkk the shocker)
Y'all wanna get bout it bout it then bounce to the track
I'm from the south, so no doubt I gotta bounce with that
I get paid off the way I, pronounce my rap
Used to keep my money in brown bags
Now I got accounts for that
Yo, I bounce like a 6-4
I'm out to get dough
I spend some, I lend some, but I'm out to get mo'
Now hit the club 'cause I'm in some club shit
Ima thug on some thug shit
Nigga wanna fight 'cause they don't like I'm the one they baby made love wit
I'm the type to get in the club wit
Niggas trippin on that, we bout that money and power
No limit ridas, and we don't be fuckin wit cowards
That's why we spend so much money on jewls
That's why we spend so much money on shoes
Man I'm like "fuck, I got so much I could spend it on food"
Now when I step in this bitch from the front to the rear my niggas
Where my tru niggas at? ? (right here my nigga!!)
(chorus x1)
(big ed)
Where all my thugs niggas?
38 snub nose it's the slugs nigga
Niggas peepin, I ain't trippin, I'm lookin like what? ! nigga
I got my vest on
Big ed the assass-on
Quick to get my blast on
So fuck it, I'm switchen from cop-knuckers to suckers that swallow nuts damn
Niggas better not make act a fool and lay this whole club down
There's always one nigga, but ima ballroom balla
(? ? ? )
What the fuck
Niggas lookin all struck
I paste hatas like glock papas and leave em all stuck
Leave the woman all fucked
Sick real drama
I'm in the bucked worry
Ya momma -- I fucked over
(repeat chorus till end)