When I'm with you, babe, I just can't be lonely When I'm away, babe, I think of you only What can I do, babe, to get back to you, babe, I do anything that you say
The night she is a sapphire full of blue desire follow her love fire higher and higher What can I do, babe, to stay her with you babe at least till the east turn to grey
Just you and me, girl, the stars and the real whirl spinning the minutes away
The darkness is passing she's never long lasting but my love ain't leaving through hurtin' or pleasin' I am tellin' you true, babe, ask me to do, babe, I'll trade all my treasures for you
The daylight are flashing our hearts could be laughing if only you wanted them to for just you and me, girl, the sun shine and turmoil will spill from a basket of blue