Under the law
Set by Almighty God
The priests had the power
to change your destiny
Festering boils
chronic disease
for seven days
complete isolation
The test for leprosy
find you unclean
Consigned to neglect
outside the city gates
tear all your clothes
and cover your face
One hope you have
your sores will turn white
thru ritual atonement
pronounce you clean
The test for leprosy
find heal the unclean
Leprosy, leprosy
Leprosy, leprosy
We are all like lepers
without Christ's love in us
let him heal you let him
heal you let him will you

Lev. 13-14, Jer 12:14, Ps 30:2, Matt 8:2-3, Luke 17:11-19, Matt 11:5