Two spirits call my name
One from glory one from shame (1 JN 4:1-6)
burning different flames (Heb 12:29, Matt 25:41)
I must believe I am receiving true words of light of the Christ
        (Matt 16:15-17)
Swarms of Legions (Matt 26:53)
Swarms of demons (Matt 12:43)
Swarms at war today (Eph 6:12, Du 10:12-13)
Swarms to kill men (Luke 9:39)
Swarms to bless them (Heb 1:14)
Swarms that some obey (Col 2:18)
The Bible speaks of prayer
for those who have the faith to dare
Jesus Christ is there (Heb 11:1)(1 Peter 3:12)
Swarms of Angels
Swarms of Devils
Swarms surrounding me
Swarms to kill men
Swarms to bless them
Swarms that we can't see (Heb 13:2)