See the harlot riding sinner scarlet (Rev 17:3)
She's a city made of souls (Rev 17:18)
to the Devil she will the end
drunken blindness...fallen! is her kingdom (Rev 18:2-3)
Future people living out an ancient sin (Rev 17:5, Du 10:12-13)
Before the can win the wedding begins (Rev 19:6-8, 21:1-2, 21:9-11)
Queen of ultra darkness harlot of hate
Because of your lust you'll never escape
The pride on your lips is sealing your fate...You just wait! (Rev 18:16-18)
You've boasted glory as your own
You kept the children from their home
No more
blind eyes
Say goodbye to all your lies
The chosen live again
free from sin
new life within (Rev 18:4,23)
Broken humans consecrated by the One they once degraded
Hateful whore transformed to virgins
delivered from a way that scourged Him
They scourged Him (Col. 1:13, Act 2:22-23)
Virgin bride the Holy blood justified
Your spiritual birth from out of His side (Gen 2:21-24, Jn 19:34)
Now the marriage never your eyes (Rev 22:7)