Well I walked right in the front door 
Started moving down the rows of so many cages 
All the faces staring back at me 
Each and every one with a sad story 

I wonder how they got here, where did they come from 
Somewhere somehow someone didn't want them anymore 

I paused at cage number 23 
As a dog with a sad but hopeful face was looking up at me 
I said I’ll take you home someday, but not today 
And if not by me, by some other family, I'm sure 

Hang tight my little friend while I figure it out 
A better life waits for you just around the bend 
Hang tight my little friend while I figure it out 
Just wait for me and you’ll soon be free 

Every year, approximately 7 million companion animals 
enter animal shelters nationwide. 
Sadly, over 2 million of these precious animals 
are euthanized before anyone comes to give them a home. 
Together, we can change these tragic statistics. 

In Cage 23 and beyond - they're waiting – 
waiting to offer their unconditional love, 
their loyalty, and a bond that can't be put into words. 
Will you make room in your home, and in your heart – 
to change not only their life – but very likely, yours too... 

So when I finally found the time to take him home with me 
I walked back to find an empty cage 23 
They said nobody came to rescue him 
His time ran out, I’m sorry he’s gone 
Oh how I miss that special soul in cage 23...