Tell my mommy for me
I want you to tell her, tell her that I'm right here
For I'm longing to see my mommy
I want to hold her up, I want to talk with her, I want to kiss her, I want to shake her hand
'Cause I love her so
Let me tell you something
Once I was away far far from my home
Didn't know how to come back home
And one night as I got up
I could see clearly that there was nowhere in sight
I could see my ma and pa coming to look for me
But it was just a dream
And I decided in my mind to go home
And I started across my bridge and towards my door
I met a girl who's named Jean
She says 'Toots, you know I got to give you a new name before you leave this place'
I asked her why
She says 'just because you look to be very great'
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'That's why I'm going to call you Mr. ?????
That's my new name