Well I've walked alone, I've walked down this long road
Some walk alongside for awhile and then go
I think back on them as the days go by
The roads we took were different in this life

We once drank from the wine of youth
Then it was gone
And when a woman takes your heart 
The only thing left is a song

There are plenty of the bad times that i've had 
Seemed to last so long while the good ones when so fast
But the best times i remember them most of all
They'll stay with me forever

There are some friends who've walked along with me 
They'll be there till the end of the road
But in the middle of the night
When you're alone with the pain-
Sometimes its not enough and your on your own

Some of these moments
There's just one thing that saved my life 
And as the sweet muse sent the music 
I held on to my guitar all night

I've seen the morning break in Tokyo 
The winter stars above the Wyoming snow
Everything in between, well it's been a long ride
Wouldn't trade anything under the sky