Roll it up, roll it Roll it all night long

The only beef I got's in noodle soup
Noodle soup, noodle soup
Chicken stock run around like hula hoops, hula hoops
Do the loopty loop

So why you wanna front for?
Get out my face, I'm making it
You don’t know what to make of it, complaining shit
Wait for it
I got you covered if you got it coming
Nothing but a baby bitching
Imma take a minute, while you're taking minutes, crazy tripping
I'm the guy that chops your onions, it's my duty to
You’re just hungry in the stomach
Funny like a bunch of loony tunes
Glutton stuff your gullet toodaloo
Gotta do the doo, super duper, move the que up
The only beef I got's in noodle soup

Roll it up, roll it (You gotta)
Roll it up, roll it (Get it)
Roll it up roll it (Uhh)
Roll it up Get it sold to the public

Bowl it up with a branch of broccoli
While I'm boiling pork for piggies actin fishy
Try this poison batch of oyster sauce
That shit cray! That shit cray!
That's what Jay and Ye would say...

Go ahead spit a rant
Tell me you were sent here by the middle man
And i was meant to give a damn
But homie I don't give a shit
Fuck ya dinner plans
I'ma focus on the bigger picture hit ya with the simple things
Flip a finger to ya problems like they're getting lost Inside a wheelie bin gone rotten like an orange might
Alright query this
Tell me if you're feeling it
I will not apologize
If your bothered by what I really think

Yo I got no time, for the bovine
Sick and tired of all these primates
Tryna fight with me, bringing sides of beef, to my favourite carbohydrate
I just came here to get my soup on
Keep it crispy like them croutons
Pour tout le monde, either move along
Or wake the fuck up off that futon bitch
I'm the u-don and I goes in
Home made bombs, Mitre 10
Balling out in Bali like a boss sipping bin tang with my mi-goreng
No artificial flavouring, no MSG, just let me be, on the MP3, I'm an MVP
Why these whack motherfuckers wanna envy me?

Bowl it up hold it
Yo my whole team's smoking phillies
Never flowing willy nilly extra chili
Try this special sauce
That shit flav, That shit flav
That’s what Flavor Flav would say
Just an average day, tryna catch a break
Like samp-a-lin that acetate
Watching cash exchange at a rapid rate (What what)
Let it marinate, (Uhh)
Addictive as that crack cocaine
Making up for what you lack in taste