I got love
One love
And that’s it
Take your fist and make a peace sign with it

I’m stoked to be living in a lucky country
It’s just a joke that we’re governed by a bunch of monkeys
Still I’m loving all the listeners, you matter to me
I got love for all the fishes in the Barrier Reef
A big-it-up for my fellow man, who gives a damn
If you’re black, white, or yellow man
Imma keep it mellow man
Ain’t about the melanin
And I believe in the phrase
“Stand for something or you might fall for anything”
So find me standing on my own two feet
Put my feet in your shoes, am I going to do?
You can walk a mile in my boots
I could do the same thing
And see how life is for you
That’s true and
Can you imagine a world without boarders?
I can imagine my girl with two daughters
What would you do to keep your family free?
Way I see: we’re apart of one family tree
I got love

Just for once
I wanna say I’m one of the lucky ones
Jet setting just to tell them where I’m coming from
Few laps around the country but who’s counting
Got love for the city and love for the Blue Mountains
A change of scenery, to where I need to be
Meet the locals and sample the greenery
To me, everywhere I go is unique
Turn over a new leaf, feel the vibe on my frequency
I used to only ever see the negative
Always tripping out what I didn’t have
Now I realize what the lesson is
So I’m kicking back and giving thanks
All I need is one mic, one stage
A one night stand with your town
And the walk-of-shame down the runway
Means more than I can say
Till I make the hall of fame
It’s one love, one day
I got

Somebody chuck me the manual to this life bizz
I must admit, I kind of suck at it but
Can you tell someone to hand me the mic quick
Quite nice with it, let me run that lip
That’s all G, T.U.K.A, I rap for me
Thundacats understand it was Ye who came late and thank Matt Corby
Much respect to the bugger man
Keep it on the humble and
Big love to the people in the struggle and
Trying to flee the motherland
And I don’t want to rub it in
But it’s fucked how you’re treated by my government
We seem to point the finger at the scapegoat
Even though we’re sinking in the same boat
While the cynic plays the victim with a halo
I pray to God you find a safe place home