With a loud noise
Everything breaks,
Everything falls
Rips open, leaves a hole

Follow the black moon in
Follow the flashing gates
Alone at last...

Bury it inside, bury it
Bury it inside, bury it...
Come home...

His wife died, saw her face
Revealed, refused,
Coming home
Kept it outside,
Laughed it goodbye

He wants tears, he cries
Turning it out blind
Leaving home

He says there
I cannot say goodbye

Hope this dog don't spin me around again
Your face in paragraphs,
Caught in a game of hope
A year, found another year
A year, found another year
when we sit at a table
There's fire between the guests
When your hands dont touch
There's sand in your place

And fire under your nail
Nobody knew, so nobody cared
Nobody knows...