Digital contemplation
Defames natural adoration,
Denies mythical admiration.
This is the song of our time.

Analytical observation
Defames mythical incarnation,
Denies mytho-human integration.
This is the song of our time.

But we have seen the earth figure.
In the shapes of our very thoughts.
Searing proof— the analytic has its bounds.

Lifelore revelation:
Myth is the song of the Earth!
Earthwide exultation:
Death is the song of rebirth!
Lifelong wheels of death and rebirth.
So many times shall I die on this earth!

Existential elevation
Is as a cyclical renovation.
Life's a series of ritual deaths.
Life's a series of ritual rebirths.

Cycles cascading cycles
Cascading lives
Cascading back,
To time unknown.
So we know.

We wear the masks
Worn a thousand times before
We are the myths
Born a thousand times of lore.

Birth initiation.
Earthlore captivation.
Archetype manifestation.
Another lifewheel rotation.

To live, first you must die.
To die, first you must wander.
Wander the road of a thousand trials.
Destroy the self; rebuilt it anew.