Deep in the eschaton of Depths
In the palace of damnation
On a blood red marble throne
Sits the Greatest Prince of all

The bearer of Light in the Dark
Beauty and cruelty in one
Archangel of the Primal Sin
Lucifer the Horned one

Ruler of Hell
King of the Abyss
Bearer of Light
Lord of Sin

Souls are swarming at his feet
Tears of pain and desperation
Inhabitants of the Abyss
Like hyenas on death they feed

A flowing stream of malice
Flooding with every heartbeat
A steady wave of malevolence
Tendered by his Regal Pulse

Worlds are born out of his dreams
Lands destroyed under his wrath
He bleed the heart of mankind
With thorns and blades
the truth he binds

In solitude the Prince resides
For the freedom he once chose
He who stands tall
Always stands alone