"They lied to you Templar!
God is in Hell! He commands demons
And phantoms! He controls the damned
Souls who wander in the darkness...
Behold my Evangelium!"
In the beginning, the Abyss
Primordial mother of all things
The abysmal nihilism gave birth
To matter, spirit and soul
They were both created equal
Evil supreme as Satan
Goodness in excellence as God
Sustaining the world in balance
Mankind was born
By the arrogance of God
The balance was disturbed
And Satan had to act
Ianus Nazarenus Rex Infernorum
The Demon Lord was set aflame
And spread his wings
Around the world
To burn, to maim, to suffocate
And to restore the balance
Therefore God sent his own Son
To help the wounded mankind
But he betrayed his own heir
And let him die in suffering
That was the time when Jesus wept
He screamed and howled in anger
His eyes pitched black
His soul dark red
His crown of thorns
A crown of horns
"No spread my gospel Templar
Let mankind know the truth
Deprive them of hope
Sink them in despair and denial"
So said Satan