How does it feel you righteous dog?
Where is your god Dominican?
Where is his Holy justice now?
You are on your own Inquisitor

Asmodeus, molest him
With the Spear of Thorns
Behemoth, feast on his eyes
And tongue
Samyaza, poison his blood
And eat his heart
Lamashtu, skin him alive
And gnaw his bones

By order of the Court of Hell
And Lucifer's demand
You are condemned to endless pain
To suffering and torment

For every life you took in vain
For every tear your victims shed
I'll shread your little soul apart
And feed your flesh to demons
For every witch your burned
For every child you maimed
For every innocence you stained
In the name of your Saviour

Bleed "virtuous" monk
Justicia Profana
Bleed for your God
Justicia Profana
Bleed for your sins
Justicia Profana
Bleed for their souls
Justicia Profana