By the first light of the day
As the sun slowly rises
Casting shadows of warfare
At the battlefield of doom
Great swords and shields
Spears maces and maille
Brave hearts under armor
Eyes of fear under helms

As Dragon wings shade the Sun
The Wolf howls in fear
The Lion roars in horror
And the Stag fruns for his life

We are three of the blood
Like the heads of our beast
(We reclaim our throne
By right, fire and blood)

Warhorse clad in steel
Chargin against the pikes
Crashing skulls and breaking bones
Valkyrian blades tearing flesh

"When I am through with you
There won't be anything left"
Screams of the glorious Queen
In a frenzied Dragon dance

We reclaim our throne
By right, fire and blood
As the battle rages on
Swords slash and maim
Even the Kraken flees in haste
As crimson fire devastates