You say stand up for your rights 
But you fall for all their lies 
You Claim to know the truth 
While wearing a cheap disguise 
Who are you to judge us, don't tell 
Us how to live our lives 
The real world's outside your door, 
It's gonna open your eyes 
Real life is coming gonna wipe 
The smile from your face 
You'll be left chocking, gagging 
On reality's bitter taste 
Won't talk down to others when 
You're living on your knees 
Slowly the hate sets in it 
Consumes you like a disease 
Oh your failure (failure) is my revenge. 
Life's gonna catch up with you in the end 
this world you've built is fragile, 
It's all gonna come crashing down 
And when your world collapses, 
I only pray that I'm around 
To see the look on your face, 
The hurt, hollow, and blank stare 
Of a person who just realized 
That no one ever cared