The hate that tears at my brain 
Remains unseen to you 
The self loathing and the pain 
I'm swinging at the end of my rope, 
If you only knew 
I am lost without a hope, 
There's nothing I can do 
I don't want to live this day 
It's getting harder every day, 
To face what I've become 
The fear of what I have become 
Remains unseen to you 
A heart that's just gone numb 
Remains unseen to you 
I just want to close my eyes 
And pretend this isn't true 
Throw my hands up to the skies 
There's nothing I can do 
This feeling of helplessness 
And despair remains unseen to you 
It's the cross that I must bear, 
But it remains unseen to you 
I dwell in a twisted reality of hate, 
Remains unseen to you 
Ugly thoughts, you cannot relate, 
So I'll remain unseen to you