When you're lying on your back under the foot of brutality 
and gagging on the stockpile of junk 
left by past generations and apathetic mentality 
you can't help feel like you got the short end of the stick 
when will we ever walk without a crutch 
and live to exist and finally put away our fists 
be a thief or a pauper, the choice is up to you 
if the cause is sincere we're already halfway through 

Thieve back! what they've stolen from you 
Give back! the shit they've given to you 
Attack! confront the problems they make 
Don't react! cause we're lost if we wait 

Cold war? No war? it's all the fucking same 
It's done a little bit quieter so no one will complain 
their structure has nothing to do with matter, time and space 
so to live within a system is such a fucking waste 
If you look inside yourself, at everything that's real 
you see systems are two dimentional, they soon lose their appeal 
Systems are incorperal they don't really exist 
They're unnatural constructions that are natural to resist! 

Thieve back! what they've stolen from you 
Give back! the shit they've given to you 
Let's fight! let's fight with our hearts 
Unite! we shoudln't be apart 

It's up to us, anarchists belive in a higher order 
and a non-coercive way of life. 
To litter our over crowded decaying cities with our literature 
to heckel and drown out the speeches of corrupt leaders 
that come to our towns and spew forth their wretched de-evolutionary 
And hold demonstrations, as small as they may be, 
to let the state know we're still here in 1996 
and we're not going to sit back 
and watch them destroy what little we have left to grasp onto. 
Some nights I dream of mutilated politicians on poles 
headless officers of the almighty law 
bloated bankers choking on money 
the hungry feeding off pigs' corpses 
the wonderful smell of racist's rotten flesh on fire