Cellar door here gone bang em, bang em
Gone bang em, bang em

UA bringing higher shit with the bangers
Drop it for my fans, motherfuck going platinum
Elevating brains leaving niggas in my set and
I ain't worried 'bout the niggas in the rain, you can have 'em
Stuck up in the game, better change, that is tragic
Run up on his place, speak my name just like magic
Save a local lame that's a pain, give him taxes
Let the rest go down the drain, leave him layin' out in traffic
Speaking prophecy, lace the proper beats
Tell him "drop to your knees", for the majesty
'Less you came with peace, raise up properly
Come and walk with me, join the infantry
But keep it funky if you rolling with a G
I can't fuck with motherfuckers that be lying through their teeth
You are with a lord, nothing higher than me
When I come and spread like butter, leaving fire in the streets

UA winning we blowin' up
Beast Coast banging, no foldin' up
Say they want war? Gone load 'em up
Take it to the front yard, they ain't showin' up
This my team, I throw it up
Always blowing potent, gon' roll it up
Rep my city every time that you see me
Blow a pound, you ain't with me
Where my crown? Need to king me

Pull up, the gods on the scene, watch 'em moshpit
Pop, it's getting higher than ever, might burn the house shit
I'm just getting treasures from conscious rap
Better? That's nonsense, our flows atomic top rhymin'
Cop a Ocho, the finest get demolished
Kill a couple shows and blow the dro, rocket
Young pharaoh travel the globe, just spreading knowledge
Corporate trying to catch'a my soul, they seeking profit
Ain't another rap nigga spraying straight facts to ya
Staying humble on the ave, giving love back to ya
Hit the pack, relax and let your spirit react
We built the pyramids nigga, where your memory at?
Oh lawd, conscious sicker fall now we at the floor
Boy guard the doors, we want war
Living in the heart, clear the evil
Light up the diesel, never thought I'd take it this far