If there's any doubt in your mind, don't waste your time 
'Cause when you find what it's all about 
When you're feeling locked up inside yourself 
And you're trying to find the key to let yourself out 
If you get to feeling like you've never felt before 
Then you know, without a doubt 

If you wonder why your frown sits along on the ground 
Just look around at what you've been without 
And just because I wear it long it started being wrong 
And it's been too long since you opened your mouth 
Then you get to wondering why it took so long to find 
There's just one thing you can't do without 

You better stand up and shout 
If you're feeling satisfied don't make it stay inside 
It's time you tried to let it all out 

Stand up and shout 
When your head is feeling light and everything is right 
And you don't know what the fight is all about 

Stand up and shout 
When you get to thinking things you never thought before 
Then you'll know, without a doubt 

Come on and stand up and shout 
Well all right 
Stand up and shout