I'm on my way
and I won't be back tomorrow
I heard the warning shots
above my weary head

No more to say
and there's no more fool to follow
Your favorite whipping boy
has pulled up stakes and fled

And there won't be any fond regrets
or any you'll get over its
No midnight calls to make
or china dolls to break

It's too late!

Call off the dogs
'cause the trail goes on forever
No hostile borderlines
will keep me from my course

We hit the rocks
and it's way past acting clever
I gave you all I had
and all you want is more

'Cause it's all be said and done
and the final bell has rung
The fortune of the fate
There's nothing left to take

It's too late!

What else did you expect
You're just a pain in the
And I almost wrung your neck
Drove me to drink--I can't think
It's too late!