Going from town to town and knocking door to door
Writin' songs on napkins to keep from gettin' bored
Starving for some work and a little bite to eat
Countin' last night's money and wonderin' where we'd sleep

Wonderin' what she's doin' since the last time that I called
Cause she's alone in Virginia and I'm in Arkansas
Lord knows I love my music and she knows I love her too
She's a better man than I am to let me do the things I do

We like to pick and sing and it's not a nine to five
It may not be a real job but it keeps our dream alive
We've sung for more than many and sometimes quite a few
Either way it doesn't matter it's what we love to do

Each night is somethin' different cause we're learning more each day
We know now how the cards are dealt and we know now how to play
After weeks the days seem longer but at home not long at all
The sun shines warm at our house but out here it feels like fall

Backstage we say a small prayer then do what we do best
The band begins our music and we'll do all the rest
The ride home will be the long one as soon as the show is through
I know she'll be up waiting it's what we love to do

We like to pick and sing
We like to pick and sing