Well I've come here for the gargle, not tae cop a blast,
Ye great thick headit ape, I'll stick yer chin right out 
yer arse,
Come lookin' for your pound o' flesh, but I've got 
nothin' left,
Cause Christian Brothers & Brides o' Christ've flogged me 
half to death.
Suck on this ye Succubus, your star'll never rise,
Ye've the smell o' death about your breath & bullet holes 
for eyes,
I wish that I were sober, the day I made you mine,
Oh pull the piggin door behind ye, thank you for your 
Bastards! A shower o' pricks, the likes ye've never 
Rake em, break em, Devil may take em, down to Hell below.
Oh as I set out on my way all naked and alone,
Guard my back, guide me forth & bring me safely home,
Geez half a life, a decent wife, my share o' love & 
And when I'm gone, the long & restful slumber of the 
They'll ride ye to the gates o' Hell, drive ye to the 
'til every penny's splashin' off the wall against your 
Ye'll get yer feed o' spurs & a few choice feckin' words,
Then its back to picks & shovels, cause that's all 
they'll let ye do.