The vultures spy on us
From frames in skies
To seize the rich parts of our mind
Unveil the sun
Let the brave inside
Isolate me from my kind

Our driven herd must pass me by
To cut affection off my sight
Yet this desert binds and it defeats
No lash cruel enough to redden our eyes
Isolate me from my kind

As we crawl towards the sun
With fiercest drought in numbest hearts
I lag behind to vomit undivided agony
Been denied thе gift that sears
Been ripping out teeth
To demonise thе soul for a pride untold
All this dying is oh so shrill
We must have scorned the sun
Till our instincts failed

Before shunning what is forever harnessed
I failed at taming the wildest of sands
And surrendered to the sun
Isolate me from my kind
Leave me here with beasts