Rock on, to the break of dawn 
Freak on to the early morn 
Khadafi and Sue-kwon, you got it goin' on 
To my man Big Shawn, you got it goin' on, now, yo 
You got The Roots in the house 
We also got Bahamadia in the house, representin' lovely 
With you ears now proceed 
It's flavor you wouldn't believe as we proceed 

I shall proceed and continue to rock the mic
I shall proceed and continue to rock the mic

Let's, kill all the small talk, and just elaborate 
The Roots collaborate I see myself as rather great 
How the words generate, whole crews disintegrate 
when I penetrate 
As if in the course flow with intensive force 
You best to go and check your source about my textual course 
Simplicity, it sounds complex, you might miss it 
But after you critique it you can kiss it 
I'm assisting fire force that leaves statistics 
When identify niggaz simplify you'll feel no sympathy 
My lyrics send you on a permanent excursion 
I never would decide when your lifespan was submergin' 
My style is urban not suburban when I'm splurgin' 
Gosh these MC's I wash more than detergent 
I can split the Red Sea but deadly 
Take heed, illadelph style as I proceed 

[Chorus ]

Bahamadia hits the melodies mellowly 
Brand new, funk doobie, choosy with the tactics 
when I gets Raw, like Dice, nice 
with the flavor, Do You Want More?!!!??! 
Of the Organix, pure 
Eargasmatic, from Distortion to Statics 
Automatic, systematic 
I'm nasty at it 
So hand me the five micraphones like they did Illmatic 
One time for the mind 
Rhyme be coming from an illadelph state of mind 
The real is not whole or half time 
all the time, and I shall proceed 
I'm movin on baby, I shall proceed 
To remain, on point like an infrared beam 
Succeed, in chasing out the ultraviolet dreams 
No Mas like Shorty, 'cause it's all about me 

[Chorus ]

Black and handsome, holdin' MC's for ransom 
Thoughts command some, is this, a phantom? 
Crews I mangle, y'all know my anthem ain't the Star Spangled 
I hit you from the most bizarre angle, rectangular 
visions of papes my mind conceive 
Motivatin' me to achieve as I must proceed 
when I ride the train, traumatized to maintain 
but laid back, the tracks can relax the brain 
I got to deal with everything on this intelligent plain 
Servin' as a killer 
to the pain I live a High Life like Miller 
Me and the mic's mechanized 
Respect recognize with mind beyond wise 
Limitless when I bless the mic with speak 
Dialect never weak, y'all niggaz know Tarik 
From seven-fifth Snider Ave. got the flavor you need 
For the ingredients indeed so to the lead I shall proceed