(feat. Dice Raw, Peedi Peedi)
[Verse 1-Black Thought]
Look, my squad half-Mandrill, half-Mandela
My band 'bout seventy strong just like Fela
Yeah, part Melle-Mel, part Van Halen
and we represent Illadel, where they still rebellin'
Hey yo, Sicko show like Mike Moore
My city ain't nothin' like yours
Slippin' into darkness like war
Nightcrawl with the lights off
You see a lot of life lost for the white horse
Regardless, the charges makin' us all targets
All on the red carpet, guns from the black market
Eh, who got the politicians in they back pocket?
Pimp slap, pump that, give me that profit
When you make contact, give me that gossip
If you break contract, you'll be that hostage
They gettin' busy and the city is raw
Better dead bolt the door, it ain't safe no more
[Hook-Black Thought w/ DJ Jazzy Jeff scratches]