You're the two that I want, you're the two that I want

Some girls'll settle for just one

They don't know what they're missin' they ain't havin' any fun

You're the two that I want

Jane told Betty, she saw me last night

She had her socks shocked off but she was tryin' to be polite

We were arm in arm in arm and that just didn't seem right

I was walkin' with my babies in my high heel shoes

Havin' so much fun I nearly lost my blues

You're the two that I want

He's a big strong boy he can bust out of chains

Says what he means he don't play no games

But you what you're missin' in muscle you make up for in brains

Between you two I got my two hands full

I got one to push and another one to pull

Two that I want

I can't believe this is happenin' to me

I'm just about as happy as a girl can be

With all this lovin' I feel wild and free

Maybe I should press my luck and try for three