so glad you made it.
This will be better than the last time.
DO you remember that weird kid next door?
Well your never going to believe this one.
We we caught the scent.
Were on the track.
Well feed you to the hounds.
Run for your life as we bring the death storm.
Oh! Good job.
Dig up those bones.
You made it?! Send the death storm!!
We lead the march to the skin beef, it's on!
There'll be a hanging.
Find him! Get him! Lets string him up! So soft and pink 
No matter what has happened, Please remember the good 
And no matter what you've said or done learn to watch 
your fucking mouth.
Unless your caught on video on video and you're ankle 
deep in it.
We can make things go away for the right pay check.
Fallow the smell to the man behind the glass.
I don't care about your regret and I'm not asking why.
I'll steal the wind from your sails and I'll make sure 
you die.
Going to be a witch hunt.