it's amazing what you can get away with saying when you 
present it right.
Are you here to learn? Or are you here to sell drugs.
I herd you could do both, you just have to wake up.
Think about the things you've learned and how you can 
give meaning to meaningless.
That can't apply if you're house is a car.
As a parent, You just can't drink a drug.
I've herd you can you just have to wake up.
What we're doing is giving meaning to meaningless.
I'm going back to get my grade ten.
You can't just go crying shit wolf.
This is about the worst thing you've ever done.
Where is the chicken.
it's essential to our operation.
I assure you that it's not.
What's your problem.
Mr.Dick? Why do you still have an erection.
This is about the worst thing you've ever done.
I assure you it's not.
Done eleven times over.
I've got Responsibles.
You know? I'm ashamed.
I admit it to many chefs in the same pot.
Don't you think that's funny the way birds of a feather 
There aren't enough hours in each day.
And if everyone agrees why not just add more? No one 
wants to admit when they blow it.
I'm ashamed.
No one ever wants to own up to eating nine cans of 
it's all about the presentation.
I've wanted ever since to get out of jail
You just can't go taking the blame -- It's already been 
Stop shooting.
Someone actually hurt here.
Stop shooting someone's actually hurt here.
Don't make me take off my pants.
Give me a cigarette.
I'm having a heart attack.
Where's my fucking BBQ? I know you have it.