Your best friend is dying.
Dying at your feet.
You try to wake up but it's not just a dream.
Never trust the tongue of a man.
I've heard the devils are his friends.
so you want to here the stupid dog song? I see.
Do you think this is funny.
we're talking about life and death.
Dose it make you laugh when kidneys fail and the hips 
I guess we'll see really what a friend ship is worth.
This is the final stand.
Who's standing with me.
Ah I see how it is.
Never trust a human.
Don't you see.
This is reality the life and death of a canine.
You can't relate because where going seven times the 
Who is coming down with me.
And what would have done differently.
This is doggie apocalypse.
Don't do me any favors.
You still want to here it.
It makes me sick.
It's inconsiderate.
it's inhumane.
it's propaganda.
Don't you get it.
If you could relive would you take what you know and go 
for the throat.
Or would you blindly reserve and go down in flames in 
humble service to the master/owner.
it's in humane.
don't you get it put me out of misery.
Don't do me any favors.
You just don't want to clean piss off the floor.
All covered with skin tabs.
I guess we'll really see.
After all these years .
How could you.
Your humble servant.
Net the bone needle.
What's it mean.
Where talking euthanasia and no I don't mean How'd you 
like be spayed.
After all these years covered with skin tabs.
Your humble servant how could you do this