One Hound Starts Barking 
Sets The Whole Pack Off 
Never Try To Pinch Off 
Anymore Than You Can Flush 
Don’t Sit And Snivel While Your Life 
Is Going To The Dogs 
Because You Can’t Lament The Consequence 
Of Ignoring Murphy’s Law 
When You’re Sitting Around With Cuffs On
And You’re Wondering What The Fuck 
It’s Then You Realize You’re Shit Outta Luck 

We’re Drinkin’ All The Dopes Up 
And They’re Smoking Up The Beers 
The Police Came, Kicked In The Doors 
And Cuffed Us By The Ears 
You Know You’re Damned If Ye Don’t 
And Twice Damned If You Do 
We Say If You Think That Way 
You’ll End Up In The Stew 
When You’re Sitting There On A Block 
Of Stone And You’re Wondering What The Fuck 
The Jailman Shakes His Keys At You Hah 
Shit Outta Luck 

When You’re Sittin’ There With Your 
Head In Hand And You’re Wondering 
What The Fuck It’s Then You Realise You’re 
Shit Outta Luck 

The World Is Hell Handbasket Bound 
And Coming To An End 
We’d Better Hoard Up All The Booze 
And Drink It With Our Friends 
When You’re Lying There Bubbeling 
Gurgeling With Your Face Down In The Muck 
With Angels Hovering Whispering 
You’re Shit Outta Luck 
St. Peter, God And Jesus Say You’re 
Shit Outta Luck 
When Even Old Beelzebub Won’t Have Ye… 
Shit Outta Luck