In the 18th century way up in the Highlands
The British lion roared at Scotland with a henious plan
The English pushed up from the South with murderous dragoons
And what they did to Scotland will not be forgotten soon

The fighting feild culloden, Prince Charlie was the man
Of illusionary grandure with no head for command
Cumberland with cannon fired on Scots with sword in hand
Brave men fought & died in kilts defending ancient clans

They were Scottish, and now they're gone
They were Scottish, but they live on

The Higlanders were cut to shreds, hung & lost their heads
To put some to rot in prisons and left 'em all for dead
No mercy for the Highland people screaming through the years
Some were chained & shipped as slaves far off to new frontiers

People come & people go but Scots will never die
They live on in sons & daughters
Scottish heart. Scottish pride
Now there's Scottish all around the world
And what better world their be
Remember the ones who made our Scottish history