This here is the story of the three McClusky boys
The shining living legends they call the MC3
The moment they were born they was running in the field
And it wasn't long before they kicked a ball

Now when they was wee boys, they never played with toys
But they booted at that football every morn & through the day
They realized their dream when they all made the team
And they knew they'd win the Cup one day

So raise the banners cross the beams
A thousand praises for the team
Hear the crowd roar whenever they score
Shout the club call, screamin' football
Hey! Come down to the game & you'll see just what we mean

Twas the last game of the tournament, time was running low
The score was tied at 5 to 5 when McClusky took the field
Stunning feet & expertise found them in the scoring zone
And when they deaked the goalie they brought the trophy home

You'll see the most amazing soccer machine
Get yer arse to the game and see just what we mean
Yeah get yer tuckess to the game and they'll show you what they mean