Farewell ye dungeons, dark & strong 
This wretches destiny 
MacPherson's day will nae be long 
Allow the gallows tree 

Say rauntingly, say wantonly 
And undauntedly ga'ed he 
And he played a spring and danced it 'round 
Allow the gallows tree 

Well I've lived me a life of stearf and strife 
On mony a bloody battle plain 
But it breaks my heart I must depart 
And nae avenged I be 

So take these bands frae aff me hands 
And bring to me my sword 
For there nae be a man in all the land 
I'll brave him at one word 

So farewell light and me sun shine bright 
And all benath the Highland skies 
MacPherson's name will nae distaine 
The wretch who will nae die