go on get lost & join a punkrock band 
quit your school, give up your job 
and live in a stinky van 
they won't let you take it easy 
you don't wanna get it slow 
now you gotta get 'cher ass to the next punkshow 
so... ya! go on! get lost! 

go on get lost & fuck your life for good 
fall through the cracks of society 
like your old man said you would 
now you can never take it easy 
never ever get it slow 
coz it's one hundred miles an hour 
to the next punkshow 
so ya...go on! get lost! 

don't need a stupid d.j. 
cos we hate the radio & we 
don't own a fukkin' tv set coz 
we ain't even got a home 
got no job, no pets, no family, coz 
we're forever on the road 
if you think it's so damn easy: 
just get lost!