Freedom rings loudly now
Listen up, hear the sound
Of screaming as the shots ring out
That's what freedom sounds like now

Beating drums, fathers' sons
Teach 'em well till kingdom come
Steal the daylight from the sun
That's what freedom has become

Stand over the shadow of a man
Staring down his lifetime with blood stained hands
What had you planned to say?

Underground, out to sea
Bodies come to rest in peace
Fighting for the right for more
That's what freedom has in store

Asphalt burns, unsoled feet
Vacant eyes in defeat
Lost the thread on every dream
That's what freedom's come to mean

Stand behind the handle of a gun
Staring down the future daring time to run
Like time could run away

Freedom's glowing sadly now
Listen up, look around
Candles burn in memory
Freedom is a fading dream