Don't mind when it happens.
No problem when I am saying it.
But when I lose my mind, kick my behind,
'Cause I hate when my mind keeps replaying it.
I'm not bragging and I'm not proud.
I hang around with a drunken crowd.
We are happy, that I can say.
And until we're not, I kid you not, we're gonna stay that way.
My life was trying to settle down... Johnny Vegas!
Drinkin' the other day.
I said I loved you, you turned away.
Maybe the drinking made me cry.
But I'm a happy, very happy, very happy guy.
Sometimes, when I am playing
I never watch what I am saying.
Sometimes, I lose my head.
I lose my head and things get said I never should have said.
Sometimes, I get housed.
I get housed, I get accused and shoot off my mouth.
Sometimes I kick it out and I don't know what I'm talkin' about.
You know, I've made mistakes, I've had my ups and downs,
My ins and outs, my share of bad breaks.
But when it's all been said and done
I raise my beer and I swear God it's been fun...