Somebody slipped me a mickey
I'm dustin' my Raucomb
Can't see straight and I can't feel my jawbone
Can't find my phone so I can't even call home

Heard a nigga said he was buggin'
Where Sheek, Louch or Jadakiss or cousin?
Which one of them niggas could come get him?
'Cause homie set him up and you know that he gone wet 'em
Don't know where I'm at or why I'm there
Or what the fuck I was doin', my memory is ruined
If I blacked out that seems awkward
I feel nauseous, I'm usually so cautious
Searchin' for somethin' that's familiar
But then I smell haze from Vermilyea
I guess I'm on Dyckman in the Heights
Then I heard nut-cracker and Vicodin and Ice
It was the plug's right hand
Fuckin' gun butt, woke up in the big white van
Y'all niggas just kidnapped the kid?
He told me, "Hell yeah, boy, you you know what it is
I know where you live, I'ma bring you to the crib
If you don't get the money up, Imma kill your kids"
Told him, "nigga I just moved"
He hit me with the gun again, I know it's gone bruise

Damn, came in the house, took of my shoes
Put my feet up, grabbed the remote, turned on the news
Cheese Doodles, Ramen Noodles, Toaster Strudels
I'm high, nigga 'bout to make pancakes
Or should I just go to sleep until Styles come?
He takin' too long we supposed to do a juice bar run
Then my phone rang like yo we got your man (Who this)
I hang up like this stupid bitch playin' again
Then he hit me with a picture of SP
I'm sayin' to myself, "What kidnapper gone text me?"
Fuck outta here, LOL, FOH
Then he send another picture with a gun on his waist
I'm like, oh shit, I need more liquor
I got money and everythin' don't touch my nigga
Where we meetin' at? I'm comin' alone, grab my chrome
Then I hit my nigga Kiss on the phone
Ayo dog, it's funky out this bitch
It's some coward niggas tryin' to get rich
I swear to God Imma leave these niggas right in the ditch
He like (Yo, chil, chill, try to relax, I know you ready to go to war)
I'm like nigga that's facts
But if you come around the back, silencers on
And put a couple in the air, these niggas is gone

I grabbed the 44 long, they think somethin' is sweet
Box of shells already had the pump in the jeep
Closed casket, I ain't leavin' nothin' to see
Tryna figure out who these niggas fuckin' with P
They probably seen him makin' a bet, puttin' it in
We got family on Sherman, it wouldn't be them
Like the line between love and hate, couldn't be thin
They don't rock like that or we wouldn't be friends
Ready to dump on sight in front of the law
I met Louch on Academy in front of the stall
Was the call blocked or did they leave a number to call?
(We like nah, son, private, hop in, drive it
Anythin' we ever been through we survived it, you know that, nigga)
Real talk I just hope they don't try shit
Before we get to em or somebody gotta die quick
Shit, I was lost for a second
I snapped right back when we crossed 207th
Thinkin' to myself should've bought the MAC-11
Seen a white van followin' the Porsche in the seven
Damn maybe I'm just illin'
The van made a right, BM in the Porsche trailed 'em
We was two cars back
They went through the light and pulled over by a buildin'
Still no signs of the ghost
We kept our eyes on 'em, but we didn't play em close
Seen the crib that they went in
Cocked my shit, Louch slipped another clip in
Knocked on the door with the hammers
They all lookin' at the playback on the cameras
Lucky we ain't squeeze off the weapons
Part of a short film that P was directin'

Yeah, we needed to get it without rushin'
We set it up right the white van was production
We caught y'all both in rare form
We gotta shoot shit like this from here on

Then we got high and bent
And laughed it off
Yeah, and that's how that went, word

This nigga P
He got me and Louch ridin' all around Washington Heights
With muthafuckin' pumps, 44 longs, Desert Eagles
All kind of shit that get you 100 years
Lookin' for this nigga in one of these buildings
And the whole time he tapin' this shit
For him and-
Shootin' a sort film him and Poos wrote
This niggas the illest yo

Anyway after we calmed down
The Dominican niggas gave us a couple ounces
We bought a couple bottles
We got high and drunk
And we laughed that shit off while them niggas was editin' that shit
This nigga's crazy yo!