Stabbed in the heart, life抯 falling apart
Never look back, but I don抰 want to
Your selfish ways will catch up one day
Never look back

I guess we just went downhill
A shame, but life is cruel
Should have known, we became so silent
I didn抰 ask, but I wanted to

The connection, barely worth it
I抦 confused, and honestly dry
Now I抦 asking master questions
It seemed natural at the time

Now my bed is free
Crushed pillows, rolled back sheets
Now the mess is mine
I can do whatever I like

We抮e banging our heads together
Crossed wires, we do intrude
My hopes and wishes are blasted
You dumb girl, it was never you

I guess we just went downhill
Aware of the fact we clash
No love is ever perfect
We made the effort, and now it抯 passed