It'll be twelve moths to the day in an hour since you 
left me
Eleven months three weeks since I left town
First stop was tendin' bar down in Baton Roughe
Thinkin' I could get way from you
But you were on my mind every time I turned around
So then I went to Austin, Texas then to Pheonix then I 
flew outta LAX
Lord I can't believe it's been a year
I keep leavin' but you're still here

Touched down in Seattle waited tables in a coffee shop
I tried my had down in Reno dealin' cards
Took a bus to try my luck on the East Coast
Spent a week with my blues in Chicago
But everywhere I went you were in my heart
I almost thought I lost you in D.C. but in Boston
Your memory caught up with me
For every mile I've cried a million tears
I keep leavin' but you're still here

So if you're wonderin' why I'm standin' on your 
It's 'cause you never left I'm here to ask you for 
another chance
'Cause baby I just can't forget

The way you used to hold me and show me
You loved me like you'd never ever let go of me
For me that feelin' never disappeared
I keep leavin' but you're still here
I can't keep leavin' 'cause you're still here