Last night as I slept I dreamt I met Macgowan That poetic old drunk Who consumes me with his words The romantic lines of verse He writes down without effort I pray the angels catch him If he should fall from the grace of God
Shane oh Shane Oh God bless that name You've sold your soul long ago But we'll buy it back someday Oh Shane oh Shane Oh God bless that name May the heavens smile down upon You, Shane oh Shane
As the time passes by You defy the laws of nature The hard life that you lived Should have ended long ago But there's a reason that you're still Here and singing with us So strike up the band and raise a glass For Macgowan as we sing!
The Irishman in question And his historic legend I pray to God above For the church of the Holy Spook May the Grace and the mercy shown me Be the life that's breathed within you So the heavens will rejoice And Shane will lead the choir