They stand there staring like a pale faced choir Their dreams held back by thieves and liars Their silent chorus fills the air with fire Their guts are burning with a holy desire And we cast aside what they know as youth And what we shove down their throat some call it truth The sex, the highs, the money, the lies This is the life of a nevermind kid
The nevermind kids We have a voice, we have a voice The nevermind kids We have a choice we have a choice The nevermind kids We have our own lives to live The nevermind kids The nevermind kids
Who are you little kid, you're still in school If we listen to you we'd be considered fools You don't have a mistress or credit card debt You're not a closet drunk and you don't beat your kids We know what we're doing, can't you see by now Our bad ideas would work if they weren't all shot down By our peers and politicians and the ones who count So turn that smile on your face upside down
You don't know nothing so don't say a word You're too young to count your voice won't be heard To think about change is just absurd Your broken traditions well they must be cured And the strength of the youth will overcome The world will hear the thunder from your lungs The old and weak will be forced to choose To get out of the way or just follow suit
I hear the gears of time starting to grind I feel a rumble underfoot and it's just in time If you don't have a voice feel free to use mine We'll tear the roof off this place and fight the good fight Cause we are Marching towards the dawning of a brand new day Where skin color doesn't matter or the music you play We're all here together in unity So throw a fist in the air and bring the noise today!