We're unprofessional, we're the monkeywrench From the burbs of the D a real rag tag bunch We're like the Boondock Saints, the chosen few We know this game and what we have to do Guided by God his hand we grasp As we walk with a smile through the valley of death We're ready to go for what comes our way We'll be the super heroes of today
We're the Patron Saints of Underdogs We start the fight when we're against all odds When you're down and out one thing is true We'll be there for you
We exist on recordings and memories We stand in the trench of insecurity A new campaign in the same old war With the same attitude as we had before Ready and able when the call goes out Mic in hand, ready to growl So when it looks no good, it's your lucky day We'll be the super heroes of today!
We've never been the best at what we do You can check record sales I think we've sold a few We've never played to a sold out show We've never had them lined up out the door But our mission is clear, we got a job to do We've been given a gift and want to share it with you So when life just sucks and everything's gone wrong Just think of us and sing along!