when time turns back and we're getting younger,
The frustration's gone, we become much stronger.
whenever we dare to dance with death,
dancing with death hand in hand,
the color of blood changes to white from red.
where there are no bounds to separate ourselves,
hated enemies turn benevolent.
fear wiped out from the agonized souls,
no more suffering, senseless wars.
when we forget the meaning of hate,
where there is no need to live your fate.

From past to present.

i'm not the same as i used to be,
i'm not the one, who you want me to be,
the things i gave, now i cant give,
you are just someone who i don't need.
the face of you in me has passed,
the world you live in, i have already been there.
your attitude is like before,
the more times changed, the more i became,
years ago, we went the same way,
by today our times had faded away.

sorry but i can't do it anymore,
i'm not that person who you're looking for,
there is nothing good i can say to you,
lets say goodbye and start something new.