when sitting in a room in the dusk, a fire's smoke goes through my body.
when listening to music, that is close to me. desolution gets control of me,
cause i know that i'm a part of this dying organism. i have a tendency, a tendency to believe
that everyone is honest who stands around me. but after all I have to be deluded.
the people aren't worthy of being true to each other. your friends turn their backs on you
and put their heads together behind you. delusions and mistakes, i’m depressed.
the fire of hell burns my feet when i'm searching for the right way to live.
there is no forgiveness for the painful memories that we give each other, cause each person is an enemy
after all, i have to say I have fallen in love with this place.
i'm still walking /here/ blindly day after day, and this beautiful world is going to fade away.