Try to convince yourself that you're doing me a favor 
When not too deep inside you that it ain't so 
So you compete with the arts 
And your act is climbing up the charts 
You can pick up a piece of the latest release with ease 
So easy 

You pass out credits and pretend to run the show 
I'd like to think you know - i got murder on my mind 

You and your kind are growing fat on others labour 
You steal candy from kids and pat them on their backs 
Got what the public demands 
And the blood of elvis on your hands 
You sell it by the drop and every junkie wanna cop some flavor 

Got a remastered revolution out with bonus tracks 
Guess you stabbed a few backs - i got murder on my mind 

That simple thing was meant to help and to heal 
Somehow recently it lost it's appeal 
You got it butchered and sold it by the cut 
But hey at least you sold a lot 

First you killed the heartbeat 
And then you killed the soul 
You killed rock & roll 
I got murder on my mind