Blood. The symbol of life, Bones.
The symbol of death. My visions. My
visions Coming from unknown sorces in the 
mind. Cancel life. Intervene in creation.

During my revelation, seeing
earth as hell - And the mother
of poison life. I exalt myself
to demon.

That is the nature of my being.

Spit - Death - Upon - Life.
I see your smiling face. I see 
your closed eyes. I see your
life demolished.

My mind keeps burning
with passion and revolt. My
perversions the symbol of the
human race. Now watch the 
fall of creation.

A circle of death will eat the earth.

I am the silencer the
adversery. Give me your
pride in life. Watch - Death
- Act. Now you can carve
my demise into your skin.

And what a beautiful
sight that is. When you
now see the joy in others.
My presence will make you
act insain, insain. You will
serve in my name. They
will scream, and they will
cry, when your mind starts

Now you see the nature of
our species. And what a sight 
that is....